When a multipage document needs to be kept together, with integrity but still make it easy to go through it, binding is the way to go. Here at Graphicolor Print Shop we provide two (2) types of binding. Coil Binding and Velo Binding, both are a great option in which multiple pages and covers can be kept together.

Coil Binding is held together through a durable plastic coil that is inserted through holes that are drilled into the document. The spiraled plastic looks pretty much like a coil and keeps the pages together as an assembled group.

Velo Binding is a technique for binding books or documents that uses a narrow plastic strip along the length of the front and back binding edges and plastic pegs to attach the strips through holes punched in the pages

Unless requested otherwise our bindings include a clear front and black back.

Please order the printing separate.

*Please Note: For custom orders or additional modifications, there will be an opportunity to comment at checkout.

*Make sure redundant or conflicting fields are set to "none" to get your desired price.

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